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31 December 2030 @ 10:55 pm

FO banner by blackheart2301 ; image found on we ♥ it

Graphics and some fandom related posts will stay public, everything else is friends locked. Feel free to add me if you think that we share some interests, let me know and I'll friend you back. Really, I don't bite despite everything certain people might tell you =)

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10 December 2008 @ 08:04 pm
You have to love Christmas breaks. If nothing, they give you time to do... GRAPHICS! =)
I promised that I'd post this sooner, but yeah, that didn't happen obviously. This is that post on which you can comment and request some graphics from me. You may count them as Christmas presents =)

Now, what you can get (choose ONE) -

Icons - up to 10, depends on the pics you give me.
Headers - up to 2, again depending on the pics.
Other banners/blends - up to 5, depending on the pics.
Wallpaper - it's singular so it means only 1.

Then again, if I feel inspired and you give me amazing pics, you might get a combination of two or more things.

Info that I need (fill the full form or it's not getting done) -

Name: (your lj username)
What you would like: (pick one of the things I offered)
Pictures that you would like used (links to pictures): (VERY IMPORTANT part! Link me to as many pics as you want)
Any specific text, colors, themes: (this is optional but it helps)
Anything else you want me to know: (self explanatory =P, if you want specific size of a graphic, let me know here)

If you can, please give me HQ pics. They work so much better than LQ ones =P I'm gonna take requests till December 21 and try to get them done by Christmas. Try is the key word in that sentence so graphics post might be delayed. I'm a bit rusty so I have no idea how long it'll take me to make them good.

This post will stay public so if you want/feel like it, you're free to pimp it =)
Happy requesting xDD

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